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Meet Melaney Collins King

     Melaney Collins King is a south side native of Chicago and married mother of two amazing and loving daughters and blessed to have an adorable granddaughter. She was educated in the Catholic school system via the Archdiocese of Chicago. She developed a love of serving others early on in life.

     She began styling hair at the age of 13 and decided to share her natural gift by making the decision to attend Pivot Point College to become a Hair Stylist. Melaney celebrates 36 years of service as a Hair Stylist this year! As a continuous part of her servitude, she previously worked at the Senior Condo Community of Lake Vista as their part time resident Hair Stylist for the seniors and nearby community residents. 

     She currently participates in the Never 99 Homeless Outreach by preparing homemade comfort meals of soup to help warm the hearts of those we serve.

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